Objectives and Goals

1. To Unite the Igorot groups in Switzerland and neighboring countries:

We are few in number, however we do our best to present the Igorot image. We therefore encourage other Igorots living in Switzerland and other neighboring countries to keep in contact with us, so that in spite of the far distance and hectic schedules in our daily life, we could exchange our ideas and complement each other on how to develop the  image of the Igorot.

2. To Encourage Igorot Solidarity:

In times of need such as death and sickness in our villages back home, our folks have a very strong tradition of solidarity. Acting like one big family, they reach out and help whenever something tragic or bad happens to others. BIBAK Switzerland acknowledges the necessity and importance of this Igorot quality, especially since we now live in a society, where many people are very individualistic. Some people live alone and die alone, too. It is also our objective to encourage everyone in the group to inform each other whenever somebody or any of the members is in need of help or assistance. We shall not hesitate to show our solidarity with each other, and help the person in distress in any way possible. To attain this objective, we have a WhatsApp group as a tool for us to communicate in times of need; also to inform each other about special occasions, like outdoor gatherings, sport meetings, practice or just to socialize and know more about the members and enjoy each other’s company.

3. To preserve the authentic Igorot Culture, Customs and Traditions and to present the Igorot image to the new community we live in:

We shall set time for regular meetings to plan outdoor activities and other gatherings. During this time we shall take the opportunity to practice our dances and songs, so that when we are invited to present these to the community, we are confident and capable to perform in public. We also provide the proper props and wear the traditional costumes. We members, are required to provide and share whatever props, costumes and instruments we have for such occasions. We also try to provide our group with some aids like audio-visual materials, which will guide us to learn the different Igorot dances and songs.

4. Igorot News and Information:

BIBAK Switzerland shall try to provide its members with information and news from home and to pass these on to interested subscribers. We could also act as a center of information or resource group here in Switzerland about topics regarding the Igorots. Likewise, our group could also create our own newsletter. We shall be glad to develop contact with other BIBAK (BIMAAK) organizations all over the world to exchange information and support.