Despite our small number, it was our long time desire to form an Igorot group in Switzerland, our new home and the home of our new family and children. We realized this when we came together in September, 2000. We formed a group and agreed to call it BIBAK, Switzerland. This is representative of the original 5 provinces of the Cordillera Administrative Region: Benguet, Ifugao, Bontoc (Mountain Province), Abra, and Kalinga-Apayao. Just like our counterparts in other countries, BIBAK is synonymous to organizations of Igorots. Other countries have adopted BIMAAK to accommodate the newly installed province of Apayao.

In the past, our costume and dances were represented by other Filipino groups living here in Switzerland. It happened on many occasions that the show and the groups presented not were not the authentic dances we danced in our home provinces. Very often the costumes were improperly worn. We didn’t like that our traditional dances and costumes will go on unchecked. Thus, it is one of our objectives to present the authentic Igorot image here in Switzerland, a country we call now our second home and where our children are brought up. It is our duty to pass on to our younger generation the culture and tradition, the way our ancestors did to us. We are proud to show them the authentic Igorot dances, culture and tradition the way we learned it from our elders. To the society and community in which we are now living, we shall act as a resource group to show and give information concerning lgorot culture and tradition (example: film, slides, dialog or interviews). This way we can show the true image of the Igorots.

Through our organization, we share the common objective of every BIBAK group worldwide, which is to pass on the Igorot heritage and traditions to succeeding generations wherever we are settled and to preserve the uniqueness of our culture while we adapt to our new life and environment.